QuickPeep is a hobbyist, open-source and very immature (for now) web search engine. It's intended to help you encounter webpages that are interesting and from a real person, rather than from a 'content mill' or other source of SEO spam. In general, websites that don't respect the reader are unwelcome.

QuickPeep's approach to rubbish websites is to 'just' not index them! This also helps with another goal of the project, which is to allow anyone to run an instance of QuickPeep with only modest hardware requirements (especially storage space which could easily be problematic).

This is an ambitious project and it is probably not very usable right now. It may never be. With that said, I'm hoping to see how far I can take it.

There is an article introducing the project on my personal blog.
The source code is available on my personal Gitea instance.